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made of apples that have soaked up the best of Northen European nature - distinctive season climate have shaped their unique character

 - AUTUMN - 

Semi-dry cider crafted from a carefully selected blend of late autumn and winter apple varieties each known for their crisp, fresh flavours.

Medium sweet cider "Vasara" is a complex blend of late summer apples and light addition of cherry and rhubarb to present Latvian summer aroma. A full flavoured, refreshing cider.

 - HOPPED - 

Freshly crushed apple varieties give this cider its crisp, refreshing character. While a blend of hops add a floral hop nose and tropical, citrus flavour. 

 - SUMMER - 


 The glass should have a good-sized bowl to allow swirling, which releases beautiful cider’s aromatic compound, and an opening that is smaller in diameter so that those aromas are funneled upward and made accessible

Enjoy cider cooled - not warm, but also non-ice cold. If it's too cold, the flavor will be masked.

To get a complete flavor, around 8-10°C is perfect for serving cider.